Our You.First program offers the individualized attention you need to feel refreshed and nourish self-discovery and growth.

A strong leader begins by developing themselves first. They lead from experience. They have struggled and emerged successful. Invest in yourself and the world will transform around you.

You are purpose-driven.

You change lives in meaningful ways.

You are worthy.   

In a field of work that cares so deeply for children, you are finding you and your colleagues exhausted, overworked and experiencing a high rate of burnout, depression, suicide and turnover. 

You need an Leadership Coach to provide you tools to strengthen yourself.  

We offer solutions to nurture your growth while also giving you the tools for personal development.  Ask yourself:

  • Who is caring for you? 

  • Who is investing in your personal growth? 

  • Who is loving you while you care for children & parents? 

  • Who is wholeheartedly committed to you as a person? 

  • Who sees you for the cherished person you are? 

Our coaching is designed to care for your whole person. We look at the whole of what makes you the most special, essential part of a child’s life.  We do not limit our coaching to the professional realm.  We look at all aspects of life that give you the power and courage serve.  As you renew your strength, you will become healthier, wiser and better equipped to navigate life’s challenges.