Organizational Development


In a field that cares deeply for its patients, what can and has happened is that those who are attending to others find themselves exhausted, overworked and burned out.  Clinicians, therapists and professionals constantly are balancing the daily demands of their field with their own adherence to particular philosophies of care.

We believe that good working environments start with a culture of leadership, employee engagement and trust.  Your norm doesn’t need to have to include descriptive words such as overloaded, overburdened or fatigue. We can help you transform into an organization driven by self-initiative.  Leadership development and mindful meditation can bring about real change.  We will guide you into a more holistic way of caring – for your patients, your team, yourself, and your community as a whole.

At Courageous Steps, we believe in starting a constructive conversation about your organization’s practices.  A healthy dialogue on where and how your organization can grow results in better developmental outcomes. 

How do we do this?

(1)  We help identify initiatives that are driving your organizational change.

(2)  Once we discover those initiatives, we get to the heart of their purpose.

(3)  We establish a timeline to develop and implement changes that support your purpose.

(4)  We develop a plan to engage and develop employees in the initiative.

(5)  We follow up to see that your vision has taken root and grown meaningful change.

Most importantly, we give you the tools you need to thrive during change.  We invite participation of all staff to not only ensure investment, but to truly listen in a way that creates commitment on all levels.




How do you grow your organization when your initiatives include things, such as:

·      Family-centered developmental care,

·      Baby friendly,

·      Trauma-informed care,

·      Adverse childhood experiences,

·      Early intervention, and

·      Special education?