to Katie Reginato Cascamo M.A.

I first discovered the love of teaching as a small business owner providing workforce opportunities to students.  The year was 2007 and I was just six months into the innovative design and development of a Farmers Insurance Group Agency.  I had yet to turn a profit but as an emerging industry leader just three years out of university studies myself, I knew that investing in part-time staff would generate long-term gains.  This investment model worked, and I grew my small Agency from $0 to $850k per year.  Through my Agency, I built a program that provided workforce training to single, teenage women and young women at risk by teaching basic office management, business development, sales and marketing.  I paid more than the prevailing wage and provided a career pathway for young women to become licensed and earn 30% commissions on their sales.  Two of my staff were licensed and began earning commissions before my life took an unexpected turn.  In 2009, I experienced complications with my first-born son and chose to close my Agency and take time off to tend to his special needs.    

            In 2012, I began retooling and retraining for new workforce opportunities.  I pursued a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership with a Concentration in Servant-Leadership at Gonzaga University.  I successfully achieved a 3.84GPA while raising a child with special needs at home.  I learned a host of multi-tasking tools ranging from text-to-speech for first-draft essays to reading texts in 5-minute increments.  Just as I mentored and provided workforce opportunities for mothers through my Farmers Insurance Group Agency, several leaders mentored me through paid and volunteer opportunities.  This allowed me to apply both my professional organizational development skills learned as an entrepreneur and practice emerging skills learned through my graduate studies. 

            In 2016, Goodwill Central Coast hired me as a Job Developer/Employment Specialist to build and grow a 16-week welfare-to-work program.  I acquired a program with 7 graduates at a 45% completion rate and grew the program to 44-graduates with a 100% completion rate within one year applying both my entrepreneurial program development skills and graduate studies in Servant-Leadership.  I designed and developed a ‘Resume & Cover Letter Workshop’ that received regular five-star reviews.  I discovered the love of workforce training through the workshops.  As I observed students learning the material, transforming their heart as emerging leaders and applying them to paid employment, I began seeing within myself a talent for teaching and capacity building. 

After successfully reaching 100% at Goodwill Central Coast, I decided to go back out on my own and invest my energies into growing my leadership education and consulting company, Courageous Steps, and working part-time in healthcare Practice Management.  The roles I play currently revolve around healthcare practice management, leadership education and teaching. 

As an industry leader in leadership education and management, my teaching interest is in the mentorship and academic instruction of university students aiming to pursue a career in business, management, human resources, social benefit entrepreneurship, communications and leadership development. 

I welcome an opportunity to meet in person or Zoom as I strongly believe in the value of relationships short- and long-term to meet your adjunct teaching needs.