Project Proposal


I am an Organizational Development Consultant/Regional Coordinator for a national non-profit called Hand to Hold.  Through Hand to Hold I am a member of an organization called the Preemie Parent Alliance who “represents organizations that provide support to parents of preemies.  We are committed to supporting the growth and development of our members to help improve the quality and effectiveness of the services they provide” ( 


I have been invited to present a one-hour seminar titled “Servant-Leadership: Recognizing and Revolutionizing Your Leadership Paradigm”.  Our Summit this year revolves around “Innovation and Sustainability: Future Trends for Fragile Families” and was held in Dallas, Texas October 19th-21st. 




ORGL-500 Organizational Leadership:  Identifying dysfunctional styles of leadership.  One slide is titled “Leadership Styles” and has an image of Donald Trump next to Pope Francis.  I plan to discuss Transactional Leadership, Transformational Leadership and Servant-Leadership.  I plan on approaching this presentation not as a lecturer rather using Freire’s problem-posing system of education and inquiry based method. 


ORGL-502 Leadership & Imagination:  I will weave in dynamics of creative leadership and thinking differently about leadership paradigms.  I will discuss Dewitt Jones video as it relates to the “place of most potential”. 


ORGL-530: Servant-Leadership: 

·       I had an opportunity to study with Larry Spears and in one e-mail he distilled Servant-Leadership clearly by writing: servant-leadership is outcomes based; as an individual is served by a servant-leader they ought to meet Greenleaf’s best test: “The best test is: do those served grow as persons; do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants?” 

·       I will be outlining Spear’s Ten Characteristics inviting participants to creatively outline applicable ways they can serve families experiencing prematurity using servant-leadership. 

·       I have a slide titled “Developmental Model” which highlights: The Impulsive, The Opportunist, the Diplomat, The Technician, The Achiever and the Strategist and Beyond. 

·       I have a slide titled “Global Impact” and I am looking for data and information relating to Servant-leadership worldwide.

·       I have a slide outlining Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For and that 45 of 100 companies are servant-led companies.  This is where I will introduce Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, Men’s Warehouse and critically invite them to dissect how if and how Costco is a servant-leader (though it’s not overtly declared). 

·       I am using Sipe & Frick’s outline of servant-leadership characteristics. 

ORGL-537: Foresight & Strategy

·       I will begin my presentation with Scharmer’s Theory U and invite participants to take four deep breaths: 1) for oneself 2) for one’s family/colleagues 3) for the community 4) for the world.  I plan on applying it specifically to prematurity as each participant is a) a preemie parent b) part of a support community c) part of the Preemie Parent Alliance nationally and d) prematurity worldwide. 


Desired Outcome:

·       Recognition that there is a leadership philosophy behind what comes naturally to organizational leaders serving mission-led non-profits.  The primary goal is introduction and substantial references for further growth.

·       Identification and outline of dysfunctional leadership styles with a goal of highlighting the value of individual uniqueness and contribution based on personal prematurity experience. 

·       This may appear self-serving but I recently launched my business titled “Courageous Steps” with a mission to “engage in the process of growing servant-leaders who will lead mission-driven organizations related to prematurity or special needs”.  I hope to begin consulting with organizational leaders and prematurity related organizations following the seminar.  I have a Facebook Page “Courageous Steps” and a website



·       I plan to provide McGee-Cooper’s “Assessing Your Own Servant-Leadership Abilities” prior to the presentation.   

·       I plan on asking three key individuals to observe the presentation critically based on selected criteria from this Project Proposal. 

·       In person interviews with participants identifying their understanding of servant-leadership prior to the presentation and following the presentation. 

·       I plan on identifying participants and matching it to my Facebook Page titled “Courageous Steps” and will begin furthering knowledge through thoughtful posts.  I will follow up next year at the Preemie Parent Alliance Summit with McGee-Cooper’s self-test.