Meet Katie

Founder & CEO

Katie Reginato Cascamo is the mother of a premature son, born 2 ½ months early at 2 ½ pounds. Her neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) experience and subsequent challenges with developmental delays changed her worldview and inspired her to help others during similar difficulties.

She is the founder of Courageous Steps, an organization that provides leadership tools to health organizations that manage the care of babies born premature and children with pediatric disabilities. By focusing on employee training and analyzing the business management of these organizations, she strives to increase provider wellness, as well as decrease neonatal and pediatric provider burnout. Its overall mission is to serve organizations that advance preemie and special-needs populations by providing them with a roadmap on how to improve.

An accomplished entrepreneur, Katie has modeled a Servant Leadership approach across her career by empowering people with the skills necessary to manage adversity. After starting her own business in the insurance industry, she shifted her focus to help others develop their own potential.  She grew Goodwill Industries’ welfare-to-work program, a workforce development program for families in need of temporary assistance, from a 45% employment rate to a 100% rate in one year.

Katie believes in investing and guiding people, serving as both a motivational speaker and volunteer with organizations that support NICU families.  As a Camaldosese Benedictine Oblate, she also contributes to interfaith discussions and provides resources to chaplains, social workers, and pastors.

Katie is pursuing her Doctorate in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University where she’s researching the role of servant-leadership in healthcare organizations as a tool for decreasing burnout rates among clinicians. Katie holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Servant-Leadership where she has advanced preemie and special needs organizations for seven years.