ORGL-680: Leadership Seminar.

Competencies Expected:  

Leadership Seminar is the final course in my Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership w/ Concentration in Servant-Leadership journey.  A portfolio is completed as a collection of artifacts that demonstrate achievement.  The portfolio should include evidence of my work that provides successful completion of the required coursework.  Additionally, a project per course demonstrating coursework is to be included.  The portfolio is to include: 1) an introduction and description of me including a professional resume or curriculum vitae 2) a Leadership Project that challenged me to use the various competencies achieved in the program; ideally the project highlights a leadership role and is complex enough to call upon knowledge and skills developed in the program 3) Leadership Course Objectives & Competencies in which this document is an example of this artifact within my Portfolio 4) Evidence of Competencies and Knowledge Attained is included in this document as part of my completed portfolio.  

Competencies Achieved:

At the start of my graduate school program I had a vision for this Portfolio when I made the decision to focus my graduate school work on the topic of prematurity.  Additional artifacts off-topic were selected as primarily group projects in which I did not have the opportunity to select my topic.  As a graduate student selecting a topic with enough global interest while refining it to a pinpoint topic is both a substantial challenge and an opportunity.  It is also preparatory for Ph.D work as one proceeds towards becoming an expert in original research.  It is my hope that this collection of projects reflects graduate competencies through a commitment to modeling heart, mind and spiritual development.  

Competencies Applied:

In addition to a substantial collection of academic research and study, creating this SquareSpace site invited several levels of integrated thought.  First, I had to visualize how I wanted the website to look so I organized two photo shoots with my professional photographer Rachel Neumann Photography.  I then outlined the specific goals of the project based on the requirements of the Portfolio assignment.  I then collected artifacts that first reflected my graduate mission statement:  to serve organizations representing prematurity or special needs.  Then, to ensure inclusivity to team or group work included several artifacts reflecting teamwork.  I then went through and for each class asked myself three questions that I want the world to know: 1) what competencies did Gonzaga University expect of me?  2) were these competencies achieved and how?  3) how can or will I apply these competencies upon the completion of my Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership with a Concentration in Servant-Leadership degree?  Lastly, I spent 25-hours creating a final project titled: Servant-Leadership: Recognizing and Revolutionizing Your Leadership Paradigm.  I presented to fifteen Founders & Executive Directors at the Preemie Parent Alliance Summit in Dallas, Texas in October 2015.  This project has invited comprehensive time tested planning and consideration and it is my hope you see transformative growth in me as a leader not just today but as I enter in to the future.  

Artifact Inclusion: