Courageous Steps provides leadership education & tools to health organizations that manage the care of neonates and children with disabilities.

Utilizing an employee-focused approach, Courageous Steps analyzes the business management, organizational development, executive training needs, and human resources of organizations. Our overall mission is to serve organizations that advance preemie and special-needs populations by providing them with a roadmap on how to improve.



Our Mission:

We provide management and leadership education & consulting to organizations that are serving premature babies and children with special needs.  

Our mission is to improve developmental outcomes globally by providing tools for meaningful organizational health and employee engagement.  


Our Values:

The servant-leadership model guides the way we lead and manage. Servant-Leader characteristics include:

·      LISTENING: A Servant-Leader is committed to listening intently to other people. Servant-Leaders are committed to listening to their own internal voice and trusting intuition. A Servant-Leader demonstrates genuine interest, warmth, and respect.

·      EMPATHY: A Servant-Leader genuinely understands people and walks in partnership with people during difficult times. They value other people for their unique qualities, contributions, and character.

·     HEALING: A Servant-Leader recognizes that healing is holistic. Healing makes a person whole emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually.

·      AWARENESS: A Servant-Leader fosters self-awareness that leads to the awareness of other people’s needs. Awareness is self-reflective: where have I been, where am I now, where am I going? It also asks: How can I choose to serve another person’s deepest, most real need?

·      PERSUASION: A Servant-Leader persuades change. A persuasive person is committed to teaching and growing rather than ordering. Persuasion establishes trust. In critical decision-making moments when authority must be granted, trust within the team has already been established.

·      CONCEPTUALIZATION: A Servant-Leader looks beyond the administrative day-to-day duties of caring for a person. Servant-Leaders care for the whole person and imagine this person weeks, months and years later as a whole and healthy part of society.

·      FORESIGHT: A Servant-Leader nurtures the development of foresight and intuitive listening within themselves. Servant-Leaders model profound systems and social change linking the head, heart, and hands to meaningful work.

·      STEWARDSHIP: Servant-Leaders are stewards of organizations. Servant-Leaders begin the transformative change and growth within their organization that will extend long after they are gone. They grow new leaders to continue the development they once started.

·      BUILDING COMMUNITY: Servant-Leaders emphasize the importance of community and look for ways to build authentic, trustworthy relationships. Servant-Leaders introduce community resources and contribute their ideas to its growth and development.

·      COMMITMENT TO THE GROWTH OF PEOPLE: A Servant-Leader recognizes the intrinsic value of people and the need to grow, learn, and serve others. Servant Leaders are committed to growth in a personal, professional, and holistic way.

We Believe in....

Consultative Partnership:  

We believe in acting as a coach and guide to help you imagine, design and develop the organization you feel is most needed in the lives of those you serve. 


Credible & Competent: 

We believe in being a credible leader in the management and leadership consulting industry.  We believe in a teaching and learning model that is rooted in the shared balance of both academic research and practical experiences. 


Integrity & Trust: 

We believe that modeling the highest level of morality and character will ensure a reputation of trust and long-term relationships with those you serve.  We believe strong foundations – ones that will improve the lives of premature babies and those with special needs – start with trust.