Be a Culture Catalyst

Our Culture Catalyst program offers tools

to help you create a thriving organization. 

You pursued this work of caring for children with special needs to make a difference.  You have dedicated years of your life towards study, licensing, skills improvement and caring for children to find out it’s tough! 

You are resilient.

You are dedicated.

You are committed.

You are hopeful that the system that adds barriers to your success receives the structural healing it needs to improve patient & family outcomes.   

We provide:


Customized Workshops & Seminars 

Breakout Sessions


All programs are now available in-person & via remote video

Characteristics of a Leader:

Developing leadership skills is an essential part of working with people.  We believe leadership begins with self-leadership by accepting responsibility & decision making.  As you grow your leadership toolbox, people will trust you to take a leadership role for your organization. 

We teach a model of leadership called servant-leadership, shown to grow healthy, wholehearted people.  As we grow healthy co-workers & staff, we will improve the culture at work. As we improve our culture, we will increase the outcomes of the children and parents we serve. 

In Characteristics of a Leader, you will self-reflect on your own leadership characteristics. You will identify opportunities for self-growth. You will feel equipped to take greater responsibility at work and in life. 

We'll end with Servant-Leadership.  You will be introduced to a paradigm of leadership that seeks to transform both you as an individual and your organization.  As you commit to caring for your co-workers, staff and management, teamwork will improve, and patient & family outcomes will improve.    

Available Programs:

  • 50-minute Keynote

  • Half-Day

  • Full-Day

  • Multi-Day

Profound Social Change:

Our world needs more healers.  We need more tools in our leadership toolbox to bring diverse viewpoints together, to work creatively together and to break down the barriers that keep us in our silos. 

Our Profound Social Change Program will engage you in a global dialogue of fresh innovation and creativity that improves the well-being of society.  We will co-create solutions in a safe space together so you can deliver the change you imagine that is most needed in the lives of the people you serve.  This mindfulness-based course will invite you to try out new ways of applying your leadership skills in a way that results in scientifically proven outcomes. 

You entered in to this work to create profound change for children with special needs.  Let us equip you with the tools to improve patient & family outcomes in a meaningful, life-transforming way. 

Available Programs:

  • Half-Day

  • Full-Day

  • Multi-Day