Katie Reginato Cascamo M.A. is a professional, engaging and inspirational speaker sharing her heartfelt journey as the parent of a baby born premature and her journey raising a medically fragile, developmentally delayed child.  Her son, now Age 9, is healthy, strong and athletic with a passion for reading and STEM.   

Katie's journey led her to pursue a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership with a Concentration in Servant-Leadership from Gonzaga University and grow Courageous Steps where she speaks on the role of Leadership, Employee Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, Servant-Leadership and Team Building.  She is currently pursuing a PhD in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University.

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Preemie Parent Alliance Speaker's Bureau

Katie's Speaker's Vitae: 

  1. Reginato Cascamo, K., & Beatty, J. (2014, November 15-18). NICU Private Rooms. Address presented at Institute for Patient and Healthcare Design in San Diego Conference Center, San Diego, California. USA.

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  3. Reginato Cascamo, K. (2015, October 24). Addressing the needs of a diverse NICU population. Speech presented at National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN), Dallas, Texas, USA.

  4. Reginato Cascamo, K. (2015, October 21). Servant-Leadership: Recognizing and Revolutionizing your Leadership Paradigm. Lecture presented at Preemie Parent Alliance Summit in Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, USA.

  5. Reginato Cascamo, K. (2015, September 18). NICU Heroes. Address presented at NICU Heroes Award Event in Mercy Medical Center, Redding, California. USA.

  6. Reginato Cascamo, K. (2015, September 9). NICU Heroes. Speech presented at NICU Heroes Award Event in St. Charles Medical Center, Bend, Oregon. USA.

  7. Reginato Cascamo, K. (2018, April 13). Prematurity: Its Impact on Society. Speech presented at Discovery Institute - Summer Seminar in Video, Remote.

  8. Reginato Cascamo, K. (2018, February 10). Examining the role of a servant-leadership paradigm within existing NICU initiatives. Speech presented at 1st Annual Congress for Trauma-informed Neuroprotective Care of Hospitalized Newborns and Infants in Hotel Duke’s Palace, Bruges, Belgium.

  9. Reginato Cascamo, K. (n.d.). Family Centered Care Training. Speech presented at NICU Nurses: Family Centered Care Training in Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, San Luis Obispo, CA. USA.