Welcome To My Classroom

Welcome to my classroom. You may find that my classroom is in-seat, building face-to-face relationships with students or online where students from multiple geographies meet together to build shared purpose and community.

These three videos will introduce my mission as an educator

I believe there are three stages of learning: Head, Heart, Hands.


First, is the head, or intellect. This is the knowledge we provide students that will give them the tools to make independent & interdependent choices with researched, credible, academic fact.


Second, is the heart. This is where we take students on a journey from the facts they learn in our classroom to transforming the heart. Why does intercultural communication matter and how do we play a role in changing society? Why does listening matter and how can we help shape the individuals and organizations as emerging leaders? This is where students create meaning in our class to take into the world.


Third, is the hands. This is the functional, transferrable skill that students will take into the workforce. Whether it’s learning to present using PowerPoint or creating a Business Plan, this is the functional, real-world skills of an educated person.