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Courageous Steps

We provide leadership education & consulting to organizational leaders that serve premature babies, pediatrics and children with special needs.

Our purpose is to improve developmental outcomes globally by providing tools for meaningful organizational health and employee engagement.  We believe in acting as a coach and guide to help you imagine, design and develop the organization you feel is most needed in the lives of those you serve.  We utilize an employee-focused approach to analyze the business management, organizational development, executive training needs, and human resources of organizations.  The Servant-Leadership model guides the way we lead.  We lead by serving first.  Our goal is to help those we are leading to become wiser, healthier, more autonomous, and more likely to serve others.  Let us show you how this model can thoughtfully grow your organization.  


Leadership Education

We offer tools to help leaders create thriving organizations. We provide customized training workshops and can support your conferences through keynote speaking and by leading breakout sessions.

Organization Development

Healthy organizations don’t just happen. They require reflection, analyses and the courage to thoughtfully grow. We can help you do that by acting as a guide and a partner.

Human Resources

We help you build your greatest asset – your people. We will work with you to both uncover your human resource challenges and engage your employees in improving your organization.