Serving pediatric special needs is a deep, purpose-driven calling that is meaningful beyond words.  In a field that cares so deeply for children, practitioners find themselves exhausted, overworked and with a high burnout rate.  There are solutions to grow you as a person, to equip you with the heart-led tools and to fill your bucket.  Ask yourself:

  • Who is caring for you? 

  • Who is investing in your personal growth? 

  • Who is loving you while you care for your patients and students? 

  • Who is wholeistically committed to you as a person? 

  • Who sees you for the cherished person you are? 

At Courageous Steps, we commit to caring for the whole person, the whole of what makes you the most special, most essential part of a child’s life.  You are the most important person in healthcare. Without you, Katie and parents like her will never discover their calling to lead.  As you become whole, healthy, wise, and equipped with leadership skills, it is parents like Katie that become whole, healthy, wise and are equipped with leadership skills.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?  Katie is ready to coach you to wholehearted health and wellbeing.